Innovative Technology: One Solar's One Flex drives efficiency in flexible power systems with advanced digital tools

One Flex is a project with which One Solar is committed to technological development and vertical integration of the business model, in order to be able to accompany projects that provide flexibility (consumption or electricity generation) once the development, processing and construction phase is completed.

Thanks to this project, One Solar will be able to take advantage of all the experience and technological and sectorial knowledge it has on EV storage and charging equipment, and will allow the company to provide digital tools that optimize the operation of flexible systems. The tools developed will use state-of-the-art ICT technologies, and will also optimize the use of grid capacities, facilitating the combined connection of storage systems with EV charging stations, thus contributing to the profitability and bankability of both assets.

Project funded by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, through the NEOTEC 2023 Program, within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.