Accelerating the energy transition

One Solar is a leading Energy and Technology Partner in solar energy, electricity market and energy storage.

our goal

Solutions for making the energy transition

We work at both ends of the electrical and renewable energy sector, both with generators (large photovoltaic solar generation plants) and with large consumers (industry, services, administration), providing comprehensive services and benefits from one segment to the other.

We turn our clients into the real actors of the technological leap towards new business models, allowing them to lead the energy transition and to anticipate their competition

For a real energy transition

One Solar's commitments

Accelerating the energy transition

Our project is a commitment to contribute with our effort and knowledge in the process of Energy Transition. For OneSolar this process is the responsibility of the whole of society and we accept the challenge as specialists in the sector.

Access to clean energy

Our objective is to provide solutions and resources so that companies from different sectors can generate and/or access clean and free energy. We know that access to specialized knowledge and energy resources can be limited, so we are pleased to bring together the experience of our team and connect the different actors to ensure the viability of the projects.

Technological innovation

We are committed to technological excellence and innovation. We understand that this is the right way to achieve a change in the energy model as quickly as possible, which is not only sustainable but also economically profitable.

Integral partner

OneSolar does not aim to be a mere supplier, we work to be an integral partner and provide support for all electricity contracting and supply services. Our obsession is that our clients trust us and can focus on their business

Business Independence

We are committed to being independent of external interests, always prioritizing the optimization of energy consumption and an electricity supply based on renewable sources. OneSolar does not depend on large corporations, financial institutions or electricity marketers.

Local benefit

Based on the conviction that the energy transition is necessary and very positive for our society, we collaborate with the territory and local administrations to ensure that the projects we develop meet their specific needs and bring collective benefits.

Professional network

We prefer to work with partner companies that have been linked, like us, for years to the renewable energy and environmental sustainability sector.

Philosophy of commitment

At OneSolar we believe in what we do and enjoy doing it.

international experience


One Solar founding team has over 100 years of experience in photovoltaic solar energy, electricity market and energy storage. We provide our clients with the knowledge obtained from leading international success stories.

700 MW

Origination, auditing and structuring of PPA in Iberia and UK

600 MW

Analysis and development of energy storage assets

6 GW

Analysis and development of PV projects

1,5 GW

Technical services for PV generation assets

1,1 GW

EPC and PV plant construction

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Large consumers

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Investors in Renewable Generation assets

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Photovoltaic Generation Plants

We work to improve your performance and profitability through technological optimisation, asset management and the addition of energy storage systems.

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One Solar was created as a hub of experts with extensive experience in the renewable energy sector, energy storage and the electricity market.

Mónica Morales

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Constanza Battagliese

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Eduardo Aguilar

Relevant management positions, business development and specialization in the technological area, in reference companies in the PV sector.

Do you want to know more Eduardo Aguilar?

Eduardo Aguilar has a double degree in Telecommunications Engineering and Higher Engineering in Electronics, as well as an MBA. In his 20 years of international experience, dedicated to renewable energies, he has worked for multinationals such as BP Solar, WElink Group, Econcern, or LDK Solar, in positions of responsibility such as Technical and Technology Management, Business Development Management, and General Management. This experience, in multiple parts of the photovoltaic sector value chain, has provided him with a global strategic vision of the renewable energy sector. Eduardo is passionate about renewable energies, energy digitalization, disruptive technologies, and e-Mobility.

Ben Hill

A true pioneer in the renewable energy and energy storage sectors, accumulating over 30 years of experience in senior management.

Do you want to know more Ben Hill?

Ben Hill has spent the last 34 years of his career creating, leading and building successful organizations in the new energy field, driving innovation, new technologies and strategies for some of the world's most successful energy companies such as BP, Trina Solar and Tesla. He has held positions as Vice President of Tesla Europe, President of Trina Solar, or board member and Director of PV Cycle.

Miguel Marroquín

Extensive experience in structuring transactions in Energy. Founder and CEO of ONE, energy consultancy that has closed more than 2.5GW of PPAs.

Do you want to know more Miguel Marroquín?

Miguel Marroquín has a double degree in Energy Engineering and International Finance. He has previous experience in quantitative analysis and M&A. During his 13 years of work in the energy markets, he has held positions as Head of Portfolio Management at Enovos and Vice President of Origination at Danske Commodities. He is currently the founder and CEO of the consulting company Our New Energy, a leader in the electricity market and PPA contracts in Europe, and as a founding partner of One Solar he leads the activities related to the electricity market and power purchase contracts.

Joaquim Palau

He has occupied roles in key areas of engineering, product, after-sales, project development and the electricity market over the past 15 years.

Do you want to know more Joaquim Palau?

Joaquim Palau, is an Industrial Technical Engineer, and has a diploma in Engineering in the United Kingdom as well as a Master's degree in Renewable Energy Management. During his 15 years of experience in the photovoltaic energy sector, he has worked in different multinationals and multiple countries. In recent years he has worked for the multinational company WElink Group, participating in the development of more than 700 MW of photovoltaic capacity between Iberia and the United Kingdom, initially as the Project Development Manager and later as the Commercial Director of the electricity market in Iberia, reaching, among other milestones, the signing of the largest photovoltaic PPA in Europe in 2018.

Jose Ángel Domínguez

Dilatada experiencia en el sector de energías renovables. Gran capacidad de gestión y desarrollo de proyectos fotovoltaicos a nivel internacional.

Do you want to know more Jose Ángel Domínguez?

Jose Ángel Domínguez es licenciado en Economía por la ULL y Máster en Dirección General de Empresas por la Escuela de Negocios de Madrid. Cuenta con mas de 7 años de experiencia en el sector de las Energías Renovables. Es especialista en desarrollo de negocios y proyectos, habiendo sido delegado en Canarias de empresas como Ecostream y GaSolar Corporación Gestmap y jefe de desarrollo de negocio en ALSTOM Ecotecnia, para Europa, desarrollando proyectos fotovoltaicos. Además en el período 2009-20º creó Atlántida Renovables (Grupo DALTRE).

Miquel Rodriguez

Con experiencia en el sector fotovoltaico de 15 años, en puestos de responsabilidad técnica en empresas EPC y fabricantes de módulos fotovoltaicos.

Do you want to know more Miquel Rodriguez?

Miguel Rodriguez posee la titulación de Ingeniería Industrial por la Universidad Politécnica de Barcelona. Dispone de una experiencia en el sector fotovoltaico de 15 años, principalmente en puestos de responsabilidad técnica en empresas EPC y fabricantes de módulos fotovoltaicos. Ha trabajado para multinacionales como WElink Group, Econcern, o LDK Solar. Esto le ha llevado a tener un gran conocimiento de equipos como de optimización de diseños para un mayor rendimiento de las plantas.

Piedad Díez

Formada y especializada para gestionar altos cargos financieros. Con gran capacidad de negociación y experiencia en el sector tecnológico.

Do you want to know more Piedad Díez?

Piedad Díez estudió económicas en la Universidad de Barcelona y tiene un eMBA por EADA. Cuenta con varios años de experiencia como controller en empresa como Grupo Richermont, Montblanc y actualmente es Directora Financiera del Grupo Kiversal y de One Solar.

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