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Services to investors in renewable generation assets, accompanying them in the development and management of their project portfolio

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PV Project Portfolio

One Solar is present in all phases of PV projects, from the start of project development to the acquisition by the investor or IPP and its long-term operation.

We connect the different market players and integrate with the Investor and/or developer’s team to support all the asset development processes, ensure that technology and design are optimised, and that investment transactions are made according to the investor’s requirements and needs in terms of technical, financial and legal Due Diligence.

Technical Office Services

We understand that many investors in the PV sector do not have their own technical teams to manage the assets they acquire in the Iberia market. This can lead to asset management problems, whether in the development, construction or operational phase.

One Solar provides customers with flexible solutions for our experts to integrate with their local teams, or in other countries, and provide all the resources and knowledge they may need to develop, build and/or operate assets in the Iberian market, thus becoming the customer’s specialist technical office for their assets in Iberia.

Technical services

We contribute our knowledge in photovoltaic technology and help to define the technological map to optimise the generation assets and ensure the investor the lowest LCOE, thus improving the return on the asset.

We work closely with photovoltaic equipment suppliers to get the most out of their equipment in generation assets, obtaining superior performance ratios certifiable in independent technical audits.

Despite the maturity of photovoltaic technology, we believe that at a technological level each plant has a lot of room for optimisation in technology selection, plant design and equipment selection. The vast majority of photovoltaic projects are still developed with standardised designs that do not prioritise LCOE optimisation, so we integrate ourselves into any phase of the project to reorientate the project and avoid restrictions and/or corrections in already authorised projects.

 Our aim is for the assets investors acquire, to capture their full potential and thus achieve maximum value.

Development of PV projects

We develop our own and third-party solar generation projects and fully supervise the development of the assets of investors who do not have their own resources. We work throughout the process to ensure that the assets reach "Ready to Build" status, with optimal design and technology selection.

We are passionate about this sector and we work to find projects that fit in with the territory, that have a positive impact on it and that provide value to society as a whole.

We have been in the sector for more than 20 years and do not see this business area with a speculative vision, but rather as an opportunity to contribute our grain of sand in the process of energy transition, bringing benefits to the territory and structuring sustainable investments.

Project execution

With its extensive experience in the sector, One Solar's technical team provides the client with the technical knowledge, management skills and network of contacts to ensure the best execution of solar photovoltaic generation projects.

We offer investors who need specialised resources during the project execution phase services such as design optimisation, technology and equipment analysis, EPC partner selection, complete RFQ processes and supply chain management for key teams.

Energy storage

Energy storage will be a key factor in the process of energy transition, providing the network with more resources to absorb the entry of a large volume of generation through unmanageable renewable technologies.

The possibility of servicing the electricity system with energy storage systems is already feasible in markets such as the United Kingdom, while in others regulation is being defined to make this possible in a short time frame.

The One Solar team has the knowledge and experience to provide regulatory advice, financial model analysis, project design, whether storage or hybrid with solar generation, the structuring of RFQ processes and their implementation.

Investment in self-consumption plants

One Solar also works in the large consumer sector, providing a range of services for restructuring energy supply in key sectors.

Among other services, we develop for consumers large solar generation projects with self-consumption scheme and offer our customers the opportunity to invest in them. We provide investors with an alternative, complementary and highly profitable investment scheme.

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Investors interested in investing in photovoltaic generation assets in Iberia, or who already have a portfolio of projects, who are looking for a technology partner specialised in PV and storage to provide local support at any stage of the projects, from development to operation of the assets.

Investment funds
Independent Power Producers (IPPs)
Companies or individuals who intend to start investments in the solar sector or already have them